Dwyer Oval, Warwick Farm NSW liverpoolcitylac@gmail.com Call us on 0412 887 160 or 0449 675 163

Our Committee

Meet our 2023/2024 Season Committee:

PARENTS/CARERS we are still looking to fill some positions. We are looking for:

  • Fundraising Officer- this position requires people to contact local businesses and ask that they consider sponsoring the club.
  • Groundskeeping/Equipment Team- this job requires many parent helpers to assist in the set up and pack up of Friday night competition. We are also asking that these positions mark the lines on the field on a biweekly basis.

Executive Committee:

President: Marylou Henry E: liverpoolcitylac@gmail.com Mob: 0449675163
Vice-President: Ian Strevens E: liverpoolcitylac@gmail.com
Secretary: Roulla Parzakonis E: liverpoolcitylac@gmail.com Mob: 0423418367
Registrar: Catherine Ong E: liverpoolcitylac@gmail.com Mob: 0434845262
Registrar Assistant: Elizabeth Martin E: liverpoolcitylac@gmail.com
Treasurer: Aggie Hornung E: hornundzek@hotmail.com Mob: 0412887160

General Committee:
Canteen: Zena Dablan
Championships/Gala Day: Joshua Henry, Aggie Hornung
Uniforms: Roulla Parzakonis

First Aid: Ian Strevens, Jessica Strevens
Records & Rankings: Georgia Holloway, Elizabeth Martin
Equipment Officer: Raven Pyda, Andrew Strevens
Working with Children: Jessica Strevens, Ian Strevens
General Committee Members:

Christy Osimen Chukwudi
Patricia Galea
Marie Monzon